5 Cool Gifts For Boyfriend or Girlfriend under $50

The season of gifts is coming up and so we have come up with a list of cool stuff you can gift your boyfriend or girlfriend to surprise them or make them happy! This list is handpicked by us and each item is available on Amazon so that you can order easily in advance.

  1. Personalized Custom Photo 3D Lamp
Perfect Anniversary Gift

This is a unique gift you can give to your significant other and light up their world. Amazing! All you have to do is order from this seller and send in your photo to customize the engraving. And you are good to go! They even have a Bluetooth version. Go ahead and buy this custom photo 3D lamp from Amazon today.

2. Personalized Name Jewellery

Customized name anklet with boyfriend’s name

These have been around for a while and a lot of people used to buy these for themselves as well. You can now buy personalized name anklets or even the usual personalized name necklace. But now there is a new variety where you can customize the pendant necklace with your birth year or anniversary. Do check it out if you love to put a name on your gifts so that they will remember you always when they wear it.

3. Galaxy Projector Night Lamp

Galaxy Projection Light – Night Lamp

Perfect for a dreamy date at home. I’m totally addicted to this thing. If I’m going to spend a significant amount of time in a room I’ll bring it with me. It’s great for really anything, even watching tv or enjoying a magical bath. It’s quite beautiful and relaxing.

It’s easy to use and small, my only complaint is the placement of the buttons: whenever I pick up the unit or try to adjust it, I inevitably push one and have to figure out which one it was and then cycle through them again to get to where I was. And, this has become more minor as time goes on, I do wish the stars were blue or white instead of green. Some of the seller’s images make them look more along this spectrum, but, it’s still enjoyable. For the price this can’t be beaten, I’m seriously tempted to get one for every room. Get a galaxy projector night lamp from Amazon.

4. Photo Engraved Wooden Watch

I was a little skeptical about how well it would look with using a picture from a phone, but it definitely exceeded my expectations on the quality of the image. It also arrived a lot sooner then I would’ve thought for it is a custom piece. Get a custom photo wooden watch today for your loved one.

5. Motivational Water Bottle with Time Marker

Motivational water bottle with hourly time marker to keep them hydrated

I love this water bottle! It really helps to remind me to drink water throughout the day, also I like the fact that I can put lemons or limes in it and not end up drinking seeds or pieces.

“My girlfriend made a New Years’ resolution to drink her 8 cups every day this year and she’s been killing it! I got this cup for her as a neat guide to help her stay on track throughout the day. She loves it!! Good quality and very functional.” – A Buyer

This motivational water bottle with an hourly time tracker is totally worth gifting your significant other as it reminds them how much you care, every hour!

I hope you enjoyed our 5 cool gift ideas. If you do, feel free to share them with your friends on WhatsApp and social media.